I think of all the power we wield.

From our mothers and fathers who gave us life.
From their mothers before them.
From their fathers before them.
From their parents and those generations who lived centuries ago.
In our veins runs the blood of their reactions to that power.
That landscape of fertile ground that defines our identity in this lifetime.
The intimacy created between you and how you choose to live your life.
Destinies fulfilled or destroyed.
Empowering or powerless?
Life or devastation?
The myriad of stories weaved into a relationship with a force
That can control human nature or respect it.
That power of our ancestors breathes life within us.
The use or misuse of it also encapsulates our very existence.
It is time to gently silence their responses in our blood that continue
To create harm and nourish those relationships that ignite good.
Our choices will be running in those veins of future generations
Think about it.