The Light of God



“For what is between these pages and lines is the life itself, indescribable, unreached by any compass. . . . We will meet here old friends. . . . Listen, my child, to the words of the Teacher, that the eyes of the heart may see the light that deifies.”

Father Francis V. Tiso, author of Rainbow Body and Resurrection










Affirmations of the Light in Times of Darkness

Healing Messages from a Spiritwalker




A transmission of healing prayers, affirmations, and activated messages from an ancestral empath, medical intuitive, spiritwalker, and mystic

In this collection of inspired prayers and powerful affirmations, the author actively transmits her healing wisdom and spiritual support. Addressing trauma, depression, grief, anger, and revelation, her words awaken individual spiritual paths and provide solace and protection, leaving you forever transformed, initiated into the spiritual path of light, even in times of darkness.






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SpiritWalker  : The Beginning








A most untraditional spiritual tale, this is the story of Mariella, a Spiritwalker, who spends her life both burdened and blessed with extraordinary gifts bestowed upon her. This journey takes her through parallel realities, retracing an ancestral past in order to manifest a predestined future. In her human desire to find true love and help those who come to her, a battle between good and evil unfolds that involves both heaven and earth. It is a rare glimpse into a Spiritwalker’s existence in both worlds. Are loyalty and love enough?


Plant Spirit Journey: Discover the Healing Energies of the Natural World

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“Plant Spirit Journey is a remarkable work of intuitive listening. Ms. Aversano artfully draws us into a world where plants are animated and intelligent beings. Her words are like conduits for the energy of the plants to come to the reader. Something awakens inside of us, and reading and plant healing become one.”

Dr. John Beaulieu, ND, PhD. Author of Music and Sound in the Healing Arts, The Polarity Therapy Workbook, and The Seven Levels of a Still Point

The Divine Nature of Plants

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“Laura is an authentic seer and sensitive, her pure heart and clear mind acting as a conduit for the needs and instructions of the inspirited Earth. In this book, she turns her attention to the plaintive spirits of the plant world. In reading of their gifts and story we are brought nearer the living planet we are each a part of and thus, still closer to self and God.”

Jessie Wolf Hardin, author of Kindred Spirits and Full Circle.