Laura is an ancestral and medical empath, and embraces her abilities as one who walks in the house of the spirits. At an early age, she would speak of other lifetimes and of various spirits she had conversations with. She was acutely aware of those other lifetimes, and how each experience had an impact on her and her family in the present. As she matured, she began to possess the gift of knowing and feeling people’s thoughts, emotions, hopes and dreams; as well as their illnesses through her own body. This also became true of the spirits around her. She began to know and live their stories through her, continually woven through aspects of her own life.

Her mother understood, for she too had experienced similar gifts as a child, passed down by family members of generations past.  When Laura’s mother Marie was a little girl, she would recall the Holy Mother standing at the foot of her bed at night. Many times she thought she was dreaming. At the age of seven, Marie traveled throughout her town in her native Sicily, praying litanies at various shrines and other locations . . . and followed by people seeking to join in prayer and in the light  with  this child of God. And when she was a few years older, she suffered an illness so serious that she was prepared for ‘visitors’ as she was presumed dead. Her bed was placed in the middle of the room for people to come in and pay their respects.  She awakened miraculously as people were mourning her. Later on in her own life, Laura’s mother began to utilize her gifts of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Marie’s ancestral roots can be traced back to Egypt. Her  maiden name, Monastra, is Latin for one light.

For Laura, the path maturing into her life’s work mirrored that of her mother as well as many other empaths throughout history. Laura has endured illnesses that are inexplicable in traditional medicine; mostly brought on by spiritual initiation and purification; as well as her extreme sensitivities. These initiations have enabled Laura to work in ways she could have never envisioned. Her abilities continue to evolve; communicating with people in comas, palpating frequencies of illnesses from the past, the present, or even before they manifest, tracking ancestral relationships, reading a footprint, speaking with the elementals of the natural world and those in the ethers, visitations from spirits that leave a mist in a room after they have gathered that have been visible to others – there are too many stories to share.

Laura’s studies defied any traditional curriculum.  Her education and certifications in the healing arts includes but is not limited to: Kinesiology, Polarity Wellness Therapy, Plant Spirit Medicine, Energetic Nutrition, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Counseling and Development, Shamanism. She is an author, a student, a teacher. Her clientele comes from all over the world.