All sessions are booked and paid for in advance. Details regarding the appointment will be sent to you once a date and time have been set. If you are an international client, it is up to you to figure out the time zone difference when making the appointment. Sessions are one hour long. Recording of sessions is prohibited as it will interfere with Laura’s abilities. Laura is humbled by her ancestral gifts and also respects the fact that she can never be 100% accurate or have all the answers for her clients.


Medical Intuitive Consultations

During a medical intuitive session, Laura will both interpret a person’s physical condition as well as their emotional and spiritual history as it relates to the present time and their ancestry if needed. With the spirit world having no time boundary, Laura might be sharing something from the past, present, or future that has yet to manifest itself in terms of health and well-being. Many physical ailments have no time boundary either in the tissues, organs, fascia and blood. The body’s cellular memory is astounding. Foods, medicines, viruses, pathogens – they all carry a frequency and Laura has finely tuned her skills to track those frequencies, many times going back into a client’s childhood or genetic background. She has been able to offer her clients much information in regards to their health situations.


Relationship and Ancestral Work

Unwhole relationships, traumatic events, unhealthy familial patterns, psychological, spiritual and physical rifts; these issues and more can cause an ancestral spirit or otherwise to influence the life of a family member that it has merged with. These issues can also cause a person to become bound with a spirit.   Unfortunately, these spirits can directly influence a person’s psychological, spiritual, and physical well-being and issues from generations past mirror themselves in the present. Whether it is a relationship in the present, or one from the past, when a person does their own inner work, any spirits that have formed an attachment can find their way to the light. Laura has the ability to both intuit and ascertain the challenges that keep you from finding peace as well as those who have gone before you in your family of ancestry.


Plant Spirit Medicine Sessions

Plant spirit medicine is the healer’s journey amidst the natural world. Shamans and Spiritwalkers believe that each creation in nature has a spirit, and within that spirit lies power, truth, and healing medicine. The conduits journey or dream into other realms to obtain the necessary information from the spirit of a plant to assist in a healing journey. Along that journey, we find teachers, friends, allies, and parts of ourselves that were lost. A vast support system beyond that which we could imagine avails itself to us. Each session will help you connect with your plant healers and offer you ways to utilize the plant both on the energetic and physical levels.



Many times, the animals we love tend to take on our challenges. They are buffers between the spirit world and the human race. Laura will either communicate with your pet directly or many times, will communicate with those spirits who watch over and protect them.  She will be able to discern emotional and spiritual patterns that are contributing to behavioral and physical issues.