Waiting for the sun to rise because someone once told you

That fear cannot exist where there is love.

You’ve heard that ego is a poison which treads heavily on 

The spiritual path and ridding yourself of this aspect of being

leads to enlightenment.

You’ve been taught that this world is illusion and to practice non-attachment to all things physical.

I don’t remember a time when fear did not exist without love.

When darkness did not acknowledge the light and light learned from the darkness.

When ego did not balance the spirit and the spirit needed ego to grow.

When the physical world was a manifestation of love and creation was not illusion but a gift.

Who was it that claimed to know the perfect path to enlightenment?

Life is an experience and a consciousness.. 

Steps into your own heart and mind.

The silence will tell you everything you need to know.

The stillness will show you how to embrace it.

The emptiness will teach you how to live it.