The fires in Maui

The flooding in Libya

Just a few of the tears in our sorrowful tapestry as we wait for more to come.

The earth has become a battlefield and

Death has become a neighbor

Waiting to be recognized with the

Early morning sun only to rest before the rising moon.

We are drenched in the unknown

Not knowing which ancestor to call upon for mercy

Forgetting that our hatred of those who have different wounds

Than us has scorched the earth

Dried her womb of creation

Drained her blood of hope.

We have been given time to remember the valley of God from which we came.

Every angel has shouldered the burden of our mistakes

Has forgiven our trespasses

Has talked with the sun, the moon, the stars

Has begged the earth to forgive us for not understanding what it means to love.

We still have time

To love.

It is a choice.

One that shouldn’t be so difficult to make.