There is a certain vulnerability in the abyss, in that space where we think we don’t matter, that our life has no meaning or purpose.

We engage with constructs of illusion and misguided hopes to dull the numbing of existence and experience. Sometimes the direction we ask for from God, a higher power, or whatever vernacular we use to make some sort of sense of our birth leads us nowhere. That nowhere is an emptiness, a break in linear reality where words, meaning and reason cease to exist. That emptiness also holds great power, a flicker of light in the darkness, a renaissance of evolution that connects worlds, lifetimes, realms, humanity and the heavens.
The energies of 2023 remind me of the changing of the guard on a spiritual level. As worlds merge closer than ever, embodiment will be a collective necessity. The distinct nuances of flesh and bone, the blood of our ancestors running through our veins, the scars, both visible and not, that took shelter in our fascia, the heaviness of emotion burdening our organs. The expression of the Divine through human form and the earth will simplify our need to escape our physical bodies in search of the higher realms. The higher worlds and the lower worlds are merging and are here, right now, within you, and around you. There will be a rawness to 2023 that will push us to be more present. Every one of us will have a viable role in creating healthier more sustainable relationships with each other. We will be pushed into creating a healthier more sustainable relationship to the earth. Your purpose will be YOU, your brother, your sister, your neighbor, your friend. We will all be weaving in and out of that emptiness until we find common ground in our ability to be of service to one another. And in that service, no words or meaning are needed. You will feel more alive than you ever have. We will feel more inner peace, together.
Happy New Year.