Sometimes we sit there and just ponder our cross.

The scars left over from ancient lineages embedded in both our earthen forms and astral bodies.

A spiritual fatigue waging war against fear and doubt, numbing every expression of love we have to offer.

Many of us want to rest, yet we think we are giving up or giving in.

When can surrender appear to us as sublime beauty dancing on the precipice of

The most profound love waiting to touch our hearts?

When can embodiment be praised as much as the spirit for carrying those lineages

whose yearning for grace amidst struggle brought them to their knees?

Our surrender can be a gentle one.

Amidst the chaos and the darkness

We can lay down our cross gently

So that each blade of grass caresses

It tenderly, as though wings of angels were kissing

its magnificence.

I’m keeping company with the rain tonight.

This deluge of spirits and ancestors, feral wisdom

Descending from realms unknown.

To interpret the intensity and spiritual frequency

Seems so disrespectful at this very moment.

Rather, my heart yearns to worship the silence

In between those powerful raindrops

As each one tears through

The gaping hole left in humanity’s collective soul

Creating the way for rebirth.

It’s coming.

We each live in our own worlds

Orchestrated by songs of light and darkness

Love letters from the ancestors

Craving respite throughout time

From ancient wounds whispered over and over again by each generation

Formed into tiny fractals of hopes and dreams passed onto those not even born

Awaiting as evolution unfolds as those who arise after us

Are baptized by the dust we become as we transition beyond the veil.

Those separate worlds begin to merge and

Become an intimate sphere filled with delicious nectar.

Take a drink my friends

Of all that is holy and wondrous

It is time you begin your own love letter.

There is a soul out there waiting to hear your words

Echoed throughout time

Words that will soften their journey

Upon this wayward world.

She waited until God whispered

Her name over and over again.

Embodying it’s energies into her soul

Until every syllable became her muse

As she witnessed her purpose.

Aching with such a longing to be fulfilled

She yearned for stardust to gather miracles

And place them upon the path before her.

Her name became her prayer. Her purpose became her grace,

And bearing witness became her life.

She was unfiltered.

Her visions raw with such discernment

Of humanity’s weaknesses

As well as her strengths.

Patterns emerging, of indescribable chaos only to

Be eclipsed by a grace that would trickle down

From the heavens each moment a prayer was uttered.

Consumed by a hope that suppressed any darkness

And lit every candle along the path,

She became unstoppable

In her quest to love.

And love she did

With all her might

Until the darkness lay down its sword and

Surrendered to the light.

A million lifetimes couldn’t keep my heart away from you.

I wandered through the desert, a wilderness encapsulated

By body and mind

Watching every breath as it whispered your name

Only to be drenched by sorrow as

You were no where to be found.

Or perhaps was it I who was lost to myself?

A silence so deafening 

I could not sense paradise beyond

My own emptiness.

I waited for any flicker of light

To show me the path toward your heart once again.

The light just drew me back into myself.

And there you were, waiting patiently for me

To love myself again.

Standing naked before God with streams of

tears running down my cheeks.

I watch as they collect like rainwater

On the weary ground beneath me.

A soil warmed by centuries of wounded

souls witnessed by the sun and the moon

that never waivered as they sheltered 

nature’s creation and the beings that

were borne upon it.

Oh to be held by such compassion

by every god in the heavens

Embodying the miracles whispered

as every tear strolling down my cheek

held a prayer by our ancestors to be heard

and answered by all of creation.

Oh Eve
You tended your Garden of Eden,
Your Garden of mercy,
Your garden of creation,
Birthing the universe through your soulful womb
A myriad of times between light and darkness
Forging realms and destinies beyond
human comprehension.
Carrying life through your body
And rooting it deeply into portals whispering unto themselves amidst heaven and earth.
Oh Eve
The seeds you have planted
Even humble the angels
For your sacrifice of self
To herald in a new dawn
For all humanity
Graces us all.

Don’t rush to heal me.
Let me be with my tears
From centuries past
Of wounded lineages
Whose courage rebirthed itself with each generation.
Let me be with my rage
Whose screams are heard across parallel realities
In the awake of transformation
Arising from the belly of the beast
Calling out to every god and goddess
To save me from myself.
Let me be with my fear
Whose voice trembles at the spark of faith
That same voice dragging me into the abyss
One limb at a time
Until every nuance of who I think I am
Enters the womb of God
Awaiting to be resurrected.
Don’t rush to heal me.
There is a time and a place
Where all seasons of change
Are bound by the Divine
And sanctified by grace.

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